Fashion giant Zara has become the latest in a line of companies to charge a return fee from their online customers. Buyers will now have to pay 2.30 euros to return clothes they bought online, with this amount being charged from their refund.

The fee will be charged for return by mail, however it will still be possible to return the items for free at the company’s physical stores. Zara as mentioned is not the first to take such a step – big fashion companies like Uniqlo and Next are already charging a fee for online returns.

The online shopping field is experiencing a huge expansion during the Corona plague, but it is also an area where customers are more likely to return the items they bought, as they do not fit, or do not meet their expectations – which increases costs for companies.

Analysts believe more retailers are likely to follow in Zara’s footsteps, charging a fee for returning items. “This is a trend that is expanding, it started before the epidemic and is expected to continue as long as online commerce continues to grow,” said Nick Carroll, co-director of retail company Mintel.

At the same time, allowing the items to be returned for free in physical stores may help bring buyers back to them, according to Carol. “That way, the items are returned to the store faster, which is more economical, and also raises the possibility of impulsive purchases as soon as the buyers stay in the store.”

Earlier this month it was reported from the fashion brand Boho that the soaring amount of returns has caused some of its decline in profitability this year. Zara’s decision to charge a return for mail returns has been criticized by some online consumers. One of them said on Twitter: “Zara changes the return policy for free and does not announce it? Not cool.”

Another user said she was “very disappointed” with the move, but there were also those who expressed support for the move thanks to the help in preserving the environment, and reducing the carbon emissions in the transportation of the products. Mazara said: “Customers can now return online purchases at any Zara store for free, which is what most customers do anyway.”

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