ZDF presenter Dunja Hayali spat on and insulted

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Berlin – ZDF presenter Dunja Hayali was the victim of an attack in a supermarket. Hayali lives in Berlin. According to the moderator, the incident occurred while shopping. Via her Twitter account, Hayali announced: “Talking about freedom and personal responsibility and then spitting in the face of a vaccinated person, in this case me, while shopping and calling me a vaccination Nazi.” Hayali is angry. She continues: “Thank you for nothing. I’m fed up today. “

The moderator had previously also posted on Twitter: “Hello, I’m D. Hayali, fully vaccinated and annoyed by the pandemic. They also? Then please get vaccinated + boosted. That is the way out of the crap. ”At the same time, she spoke out in favor of“ people continue to receive medical care, regardless of whether they are knees, heads or cancer ”. The post is also provided with the hashtag #allesindenArm.

Hate attacks continued against Hayali on the Internet

For days, Twitter users have been calling for the corona vaccination using the hashtag #allesindenArm. The musician Smudo from the Fantastischen Vier also supports the pro-vaccination campaign. He writes: “I’m Smudo, 53 and an entertainer. I’ve already whistled more blatant stuff than this Biontech. None of it did any harm. “

In the meantime, the attack on Hayali on the Internet provides a lot of support, but also malice and other hate attacks. Hayali is implicated in the attack. One user writes that the “words chosen on Twitter were discriminatory and not well chosen”. And further: “Especially as a woman in public life.”

The ZDF presenter doesn’t want to let that go and replies: “So if I’m convinced that vaccinating, testing, boosting and keeping a distance are ways out of all this shit, then I’m not entitled to say that !? What is supposed to be discriminatory about that? I didn’t say put all the unvaccinated in jail. “

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In another post she writes: “’Thank you’ to all those who commented who are now following. ,Themselves to blame’. ,Deserved’. ‘Anyone who rushes has to live with it’. ‘Sacrificial Mimimi’, etc. An honest ‘Thank you’ to all others! And please take a look or help if something like this happens in your presence! “

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