Zebrav won the Masters after a big win over Medvedev

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Only the Grand Slam remains for him: Alexander Zebrav, the Olympic champion from Tokyo, signed a particularly excellent year for him personally and after defeating the world number one Novak Djokovic, 4: 6 and 4: 6 man tonight (Sunday) over Daniel Medvedev. , The champion from last year, and won the prestigious Masters tournament held in Turin.

From the start the German looked just excellent and recorded a break in the second game. Medvedev tried to come back, but Zebrav’s exceptional close-range play, which was everywhere on the field and responded to almost every hit, helped him win the first set 4: 6.

Zebrav continued with his tremendous ability from the first set and already broke the Russian in the first game. In the second set we got an exceptional game from both tennis players. Zebrav almost managed to get a second break, but failed against the Russian who woke up and fought his teeth to escape a loss and achieve a second consecutive win in the prestigious tournament.

But this was not the case, Zebrav did not let Medvedev get too close and in a 4: 5 situation in his favor, the German won the last game and was crowned the undisputed champion of world tennis for the second time in his career, and rightly so after recording a simply perfect tournament.

First set: 4: 6 to Alexander Zebrav

Zebrav opened the game with two non-committed mistakes and Medvedev won the first game 0:40 smooth. The German recorded a great game, scored the first points of the game and managed to equalize to 1: 1. Zebrav recorded an excellent game and already managed to break Medvedev’s submissions when he went up to 1: 2. The German continued his momentum, winning the game thanks to the first ace of the game and rising to 1: 3.

Zebrav continued to display fantastic abilities, scoring a very difficult point when he equalized for 30:30. Later, Zebrav challenged Challenge, which he won, Medvedev returned to a tiebreaker and at the end of a particularly tense game, the Russian survived the thriller, saved a break point and returned to 3-2. Zebrav recorded another great game, winning the longest set so far that included 23 strokes and went up to a promising 2: 4. Medvedev did not give up and returned to 4: 3 with a 0:40 share. In the next game Zebrav had a hard time, but did not lose the submissions and went up to 3: 5. Medvedev did not give up and returned to 5: 4. The German won in style the last game and the whole campaign.

Second set: 4: 6 to Alexander Zebrav

The first game was very close when in a situation of 30:30 Zebrav recorded an amazing point when he hit against the movement of his opponent, managed to break the Russian later and went up to 0: 1. The German continued his formidable display, scoring his fifth ace against his opponent’s zero and rising to 0-2. Zebrav almost managed to break in the next game as well, but Medvedev kept the game alive and reduced it to 2: 1. Zebrav scored a perfect point when he went up to the net, put a perfect soft ball inside and went up to 1: 3.

Medvedev fought tooth and nail and managed to get back to 3: 2 after a smooth victory in the game. In the third game the two tennis players showed wonderful ability, Zebrav continued to respond to almost every blow and frustrated his Russian opponent who continued to fight tooth and nail and at the end of a huge game, the German won and went up to 2: 4. Medvedev continued with his good ability and did not give up, shrank to 4: 3 at the end of a great game and did not let the important title escape him. But Zebrav like Zebrav, continued to be focused, fighting for every point, recording a win in the game and rising to 3: 5. The German started the last game at 0:30, Medvedev did not give up, managed to turn the score around, Zebrav equalized again and at the end of the drama Medvedev shrank to 5: 4. The German did not panic, won the last game, set 4: 6 at the end of the campaign and 0: 2 in the game and won for the second time in his career in the prestigious Masters tournament.


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