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The coup is being prepared for the “first day”. According to the president, businessman Rinat Akhmetov may participate in it.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said at a press conference on Friday that he had received information about the preparation of a coup d’etat in the country on the “first day”, the RBC correspondent reports.

According to Zelensky, the entourage of businessman Rinat Akhmetov is trying to drag him into what is happening.

“Rinat Akhmetov is not preparing a coup d’etat. I will answer in Russian. People, services, some <...> representatives of the Russian Federation and some comrades from Ukraine are discussing that the society is ready, allegedly, and that it is necessary to convey information that today Rinat Akhmetov is ready to get involved in the issue of a coup d’état. Let’s just say, the change of the incumbent president, “Zelensky said. The rocking, he said, takes place with the participation of the media.

Zelensky answered the question whether there will be a war with Russia

“But I don’t believe in coups d’état and I don’t believe that Akhmetov will run straight,” the head of state added. He noted that he cannot yet disclose all the information received.

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