Zelensky assures that Ukraine is ready to start its counteroffensive against Russia

Zelensky assures that Ukraine is ready to start its counteroffensive against Russia

2023-06-03 15:51:46

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, has assured that his forces are ready to immediately start a counteroffensive against the Russian positions; an operation for which it has reclaimed modern fighter jets from its international allies to put a “roof over the head” of Ukrainian forces against Russia’s air superiority.

“In my opinion, as of today, we are ready,” has made it known in an exclusive interview with the ‘Wall Street Journal’ — where he has also asked his allies for a gesture towards Ukraine at the next NATO summit — and in which he recognizes certain deficiencies that will delay the operation over time .

“We would like to have certain things but we can’t wait months“, declared the president, who has been asking for ammunition, tanks and a group of combat planes for months to respond to Russian air superiority. “I am convinced that we are going to succeed but I do not know how long it will take,” added the leader.

“The reality is that 50 Patriot systems could prevent people from dying,” he added before insisting on the need to receive combat aircraft. “Everyone knows that a counteroffensive without air superiority it is a very dangerous thing. Imagine how a soldier feels who doesn’t have a ‘roof’ over his head when neighboring countries have one.”

The Ukrainian president has also addressed the issue of Ukraine joining NATO and argued that some member countries do not want to see kyiv in the alliance “for fear of Russia.” Zelenski, in this sense, has highlighted the extraordinary importance of the next NATO summit that will take place in July in Vilnius (Lithuania), in which he expects some kind of positive message for his country in this regard.

“If they don’t recognize us in Vilnius, if they don’t give us any indication there, I think there is no reason for us to be present,” he said before criticizing the timing of these negotiations. “Right now it seems to me that we are talking too late on this issue. We should have reached this point 15 years ago,” said Zelenski, who sees Ukraine’s incorporation into NATO during the war as practically impossible, but hopes that the Atlantic Alliance accept the country when the conflict is over.

“They do not know how important a single sentence would be for the people of Ukraine: ‘Ukraine will be part of NATO when the war is over, when it is safe,'” he concluded.

war fatigue

On the other hand, Zelenski has given an interview to Latin American media in which he has criticized the so-called “war fatigue” in other countries and has stressed that “Ukrainians we do not get tired of defending the world“.

“I don’t think it’s honest to talk about the world being tired. You can’t watch someone fight with all their might and get tired of it,” he argued, according to the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform.

Thus he recalled that there are many foreign journalists who have come to Ukraine and have been working at the front for months. “They are tired, but they have high morale because they are participating in historical events and they are doing a lot to inform the world,” he said.

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“It is legitimate that they are tired, but there are politicians who say that their country is ‘tired of this war’, be it from one continent or another, also in Europe (…). We in Ukraine do not get tired of protecting the world. Everything should be fair. If someone is tired of helping Ukrainewe too can get tired of protecting you from similar processes in the future,” he blurted out.

Therefore, if Russia managed to take Ukraine “It would be an example and it would be a problem because we would be one step closer to a world war“Because there would be similar attacks in other parts of the world, on other continents, he warned.

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