Zelensky At Golden Globe Awards- Dinamani

Zelensky At Golden Globe Awards- Dinamani

Ukrainian President Zelensky has said that there will be no World War III and that Ukraine will stop the Russian invasion.

Russia’s war on Ukraine is approaching a year old. While Russia is actively fighting to capture parts of Ukraine, Ukraine is also responding to Russia with the help of countries including the United States.

Many countries of the world are supporting Ukraine. Zelensky is also meeting the leaders of various countries.

In this case, yesterday (Tuesday) the President of Ukraine Zelensky, who participated in the Golden Globe Award ceremony via video, said that there will be no Third World War.

‘The First World War claimed millions of lives. World War II claimed millions of lives. In this case, World War III is unlikely to happen. Because, it is not tripartite.

Ukraine will stop Russian aggression. It is now 2023. The war in Ukraine is far from over. But, the tide is changing. It is already clear who will win. There is still war and tears in Ukraine.

Thank you to everyone who came to help for the freedom of Ukraine. We are fighting for freedom, democracy, right to life and love. Ukraine will win with the help of the free world. I hope you all will be with us in victory’ he said.

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