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Information about the introduction of martial law in Ukraine does not correspond to reality. This was stated on Friday, November 26, by the country’s President Volodymyr Zelensky during a press conference.

On November 24, ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Oleg Lyashko, announced the relevant plans of the head of state. According to him, martial law will be introduced for two months in order to control the media.

“Look, what did Mr. Lyashko do? He said that from the 1st (December – Ed.) There will be martial law. Why is he saying this? What is the martial law? He understands what is happening with the markets, I don’t want to talk about the details, because people may not perceive such information, ”Zelensky said.

The President drew attention to the fact that the Ministry of Finance is entering international markets to raise funds. Zelensky stressed that after the phrase “martial law”, citizens begin to fear, investors leave, and the country’s share price falls.

On the eve of the ex-State Duma deputy, political scientist Ruslan Balbek, in an interview with Izvestia, noted that the political rating of the Ukrainian leader can be called balancing on a tightrope, and, trying to stay in power, he makes awkward movements and “grabs the air”.

A day later, the adviser to the head of the Ukrainian leader’s office, Mikhail Podolyak, stressed that the Ukrainian authorities did not plan to introduce martial law in the country from December 1. According to him, such statements are fake, which were later picked up by some Ukrainian figures trying to attract attention to themselves.

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