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St. Petersburg “Zenith” has taken another step towards the gold medals of the Russian football championship. Thanks to a 2-0 home win over Ufa, ten rounds before the end of the tournament, he brought his advantage over Dynamo to five points, which lost to Spartak on Sunday.

The statistics of Zenit’s matches with Ufa for the last three seasons before this game looked amazing. In five matches, the rivals scored one victory each and five more meetings ended in a draw, and in fact it was about the leader of the championship and one of its outsiders. But this, of course, did not mean that the chances of hosts and guests are equal. Any other result, except for the victory of the Petersburgers, would have become a major sensation.

The advantage of “Zenith” in the first half was overwhelming, but “Ufa”, almost in full force grouped in their own half of the field, defended the gate. As always, her goalkeeper and most valuable player, 35-year-old Alexander Belenov, was good. And in a couple of cases, the Petersburgers were frankly unlucky, although Danil Krugovoi and Yuri Alberto had good chances to excel.

This bad luck ended in the 51st minute, when, after a corner kick, the ball hit Krugovoy again, and he soaked the score with a long-range shot with the help of a rebound from defender Bojan Jokic.

Another quarter of an hour passed, and the second rebound helped Zenith. This time the ball hit Yury Zhuravlev after hit by Malcolm and proceeded along such a high trajectory that the almost two-meter Belenov could not interrupt with all his desire.

“Ufa” tried to win back at least one goal, and was very close to this, but first the Angolan Egash Kosintura loaded into the crossbar, and then the goalkeeper of “Zenith” Mikhail Kerzhakov repelled an excellent header from Ufimsk defender Alexei Nikitin. At the very end, the same Nikitin knocked the ball off the ribbon of his own goal, which Claudinha almost hit, and thus the score did not change.

Having won – 2:0, Zenit, ten rounds before the end of the championship, was five points ahead of Dynamo, which lost to Spartak on Sunday.

At the end of the week, the Muscovites are going to visit the Tula Arsenal, and the Petersburgers in Samara will play with the Wings of the Soviets.

Two other afternoon matches today also ended without surprises. Krasnodar beat Ural at home – 2:1, and Sochi defeated Rostov – 1:0 away. Apparently, a serious struggle will unfold for the silver and bronze medals in the last third of the championship.

  • Dynamo now has 39 points,
  • Sochi has 37,
  • in CSKA – 36,
  • Krasnodar has 32.

Although, theoretically, Spartak, having 26 points and occupying ninth place, can still theoretically intervene in their struggle. For him, too, all is not lost.

Evgeny Fedyakov


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