Zim launches new direct line from India to the eastern Mediterranean

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Zim announced today the opening of a new direct line between the Indian subcontinent and the eastern Mediterranean – Service ZMIZIM Indian Subcontinent – East Mediterranean Service.

Zim stated that the new and upgraded line will offer direct, fast and reliable service to customers operating in the developing trade between Israel and India, and will ensure a high level of service, reliability of schedule and optimal customer experience.

Zim will operate four container vessels with a capacity of 4,250 on the new line YOURS In the following path:

Mondra – Nehava Sheva – Colombo – Haifa – Mersin – Istanbul – Mondra

Service ZMI It is scheduled to start operations in January 2022, replacing the servicesSEE And theZII Current.

As mentioned, service ZMI It will be operated exclusively by ZIM and will offer the company’s customers significant benefits, including the fastest transportation times on the market, dedicated services for special and exceptional cargo, fast and synchronized link to ZIM’s regional lines in the Mediterranean and Asia.

Eli Glickman, President and CEO of ZIM: “The new line connecting the Indian subcontinent to Israel and the eastern Mediterranean is a further improvement of our system of services to Israeli customers, and was designed to provide an accurate response to emerging needs in important trade with India. Opening Zim’s independent line allows us great operational flexibility and the provision of new and efficient solutions tailored to the unique needs of the trade. “

Rani Ben-Yehuda, senior vice president of trade, Suez and Atlantic, added: “ZMI, Operated exclusively by ZIM, demonstrates our approach centered on meeting market needs. We listened to customers in Israel and built an optimal, fast and efficient solution, backed by Zim’s quality service system in Israel. “

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