Zingaretti and Raggi, the last slap in the face: the Roma-Lazio derby is fought on the Roma

Raggi against Zingaretti and vice versa: the battle between the Municipality of Rome and the Lazio Region gives no respite. For years in the struggle to unload responsibility for the waste emergency, and after Zingaretti accuses the mayor of Rome of “being a threat”, the latest act is that of evacuating the Roma from the Castel Romano camp of shame.

In the name and on behalf of the Lazio-Rome political derby, that is Region led by Pd-M5S against Municipality led by M5S, it is the councilor Alessio D’amato who overcomes every play and a few hours after the eviction of a group of about twenty of nomads who had asked for “assistance” and among these seven positive for Coronavirus, and who had therefore been transferred to a regional center, the commissioner thundered: “The transfer took place entirely at the expense of the Regional Health Service, without the Region and ASL Roma 1 knew something about it. This situation endangers people’s health. A shame, it is too easy to moralize with other people’s money: the isolation structures are used only for case contacts and are governed by health rules. From the Campidoglio only lies: if he intends to use them as shelters of a social nature, he pays them: we warned him to free the structure immediately ”.

Let’s summarize: the Municipality scatters the evacuated nomads, obeying the regional diktat that it had appointed emergency commissioner of the Castel Romano camp, in temporary social housing, while the postives entrust them to the Health Service which is managed by Region. And the other institution, instead of collaborating in solving the problem, insults the municipality, accusing it of “abuse” and wary of releasing the colony of positives from the health facility. And to send them where?

A mystery that has not been clarified in the arrogance of regional communication. Instead, what is very clear is the ongoing institutional war without borders.


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