Zingaretti announces his resignation, in the Democratic Party a chorus of “Nicola think again”

Time.news – “A bolt from the blue”, say the leading exponents of the secretariat dem. Of course, Nicola Zingaretti had not mentioned his intention to resign, but in the last hours the signs of a certain suffering from the continuous bombing had emerged clearly. So much so that, just last night, a leading executive confided to Time.news: “This is how it is impossible to go on”.

Now, the game that opens for the Democratic Party is anything but simple. The first to ask for the resignation of Nicola Zingaretti were the exponents of Base Riformista with the group leader in the Senate, Andrea Marcucci, in the front row. The area headed by the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini, and Luca Lotti has given a line marked by silence. It is no mystery, however, that the leading exponents of the current, together with the mayors Giorgio Gori and Dario Nardella, look to the governor of Emilia Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini, as the ideal candidate, so much so that in the last meeting of the area reference was made to an “external candidate” to the area.

And, formally, Bonaccini is not registered with Base Riformista. Before considering other applications, however, we need to wait for some formal steps. Meanwhile, Zingaretti has announced that in the next few hours, between tonight and tomorrow, he will deliver his letter to the party president, Valentina Cuppi. Then, the ball will pass to the assembly already called for March 13 and 14. At that time, the Parliamentino dem will have to decide whether or not to accept the resignation.

On this, some leading executives are already expressing themselves. “We have on our shoulders not only the fate of the Democratic Party, but a greater responsibility towards a country in full pandemic. Zingaretti’s gesture requires everyone to put aside any internal conflict, recomposing a true unity of the party around its leadership “, writes Dario Franceschini thus leaving the door open to a non-confrontational solution of the impasse. The deputy secretary, Andrea Orlando, who speaks of “unjustified and ungenerous attacks” against the secretary is more explicit: “his is a choice that I believe implies and requires a snapshot and a unified response: I think that we need to ask Zingaretti to rethink decision”.

Even the former minister, Peppe Provenzano, is on the same wavelength: “Nicola Zingaretti think again, the assembly of the Democratic Party rejects the resignation of the secretary. Think again even those who, in these hours, have worn the Democratic Party. We are in a great storm, we need a helmsman and a crew. Also to discuss, together, how to change fundamentally “. If the assembly rejects the resignation, Nicola Zingaretti himself will have to decide whether to remain secretary or whether to go ahead with his purpose. If he were to decide to stay, he would do so with a new and stronger legitimacy, since even the weapons of those who asked for a step back and called for congress would prove to be blunt. In any case, according to what is learned, at the moment Zingaretti’s intention would be to go ahead along the path indicated in the post on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the resigning secretary consoles himself with the hundreds of e-mails arrived at the Nazarene and to which hundreds of signatures are attached with the hashtags #iostoconzingaretti and #zingarettiresta. According to what is reported, the secretaries of the club, elected on the territories, regional secretaries, provincial and federation secretaries in support of the secretary also move en masse. And the former premier Giuseppe Conte writes on Twitter: “The resignation of Nicola Zingaretti does not leave me indifferent. I follow with respect and do not intend to comment on the dynamics of the internal life of the Democratic Party. But I am sorry for this decision, evidently painful. “A tweet that in a few hours has collected over 100,000 likes.



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