Zoabi reveals: I voted against the recruitment law because of Ayelet Shaked

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Drama was recorded last night (Monday) in the Knesset plenum when the draft law fell on first reading, the one who caused embarrassment was Meretz MK Jida Rinawi Zoabi, who voted against the law.

(The recruitment law falls in the plenum).

After being attacked by a coalition, this morning Zoabi wrote her version of last night’s event, “Last week the coalition I am a member of crossed red lines. The government supported the introduction of a racist and fascist bill by religious Zionism on the subject of the Citizenship Law,

In the past, we submitted a just and worthy outline of the Citizenship Law, which will ensure the dignity of the people, but unfortunately Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked waved at these promises and did not keep them. “I can not go over the agenda and therefore in a step of protest, I voted today for my conscience, for Arab society and against bills that the government wanted to promote, the recruitment law.”

Meretz members were stunned by Zoabi’s vote and were angry with her, “We gave her too much,” one of her faction members was heard saying angrily. MK Musi Raz tried to calm the spirits and wrote: “We are committed to the integrity of the government and are committed to passing the draft law. “

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