“Zona Cesarini” for the vaccination obligation: the date that can lead to the squeeze

Mid-September is upon us: that will be the watershed for understanding the total number of vaccinated people with two doses, at what point will be hospitalizations and intensive care and how school will be started. At that point, the government will have all the elements in hand to decide whether or not to extend thevaccination obligation.

What are the risks

We are now in the last minutes or rather in the Cesarini area to introduce the vaccination obligation“: is the warning issued by Matteo Bassetti, director of the infectious disease clinic of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, interviewed on the subject of the possible extension of the obligation but above all on the possibility or not of it happening in the shortest possible time. “We run enormous risks if we arrive with 15% of the Italian population not vaccinated, we are talking about 50-60 year olds who risk ending up in hospital in a few months“, affirmed the infectious disease specialist time.news, wondering what the government is thinking of doing since “all the experts say they are taking action to prevent winter with too many unvaccinated people“. According to the expert it is already too late, autumn is upon us and the obligation cannot be extended with intensive care full of patients with Covid.”We risk having a part of the population that in October, November or December will fill the hospitals. This means that the structures that today treat no-Covid patients will have to be reconverted by lengthening the waiting lists and postponing hospitalizations and interventions “, presses. There is no middle ground for the teacher: those who decide not to get vaccinated are as if they were passing through a red light. “Do they realize the risks they are creating?

Yes to the obligation: the decision of the Biosafety Committee

Meanwhile, just today, the first yes to the vaccination obligation arrived by the National Committee of Biosafety, Biotechnology and Life Sciences (CNBBSV) of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. “As part of the opinion and proposal activities, while leaving the summary of the positions and the executive procedures to the Government – we read in a note, we express “favorable opinion and we hope that vaccination is compulsory, with specific reference to those who carry out public functions and activities that put the citizen in close contact with other subjects and with the obvious exclusion of risk situations of possible post-vaccination pathology “.

Politics splits

In a few weeks, the government will have to comment on the extension or not of the vaccination obligation and the extension to more sectors of the Green pass: as we have recently dealt with, politics is divided. While Mariastella Gelmini al Corriere della Sera has declared that he does not consider the obligation “a heresy” and Antonio Tajani is openly favorable, Matteo Salvini he immediately closes to every possibility saying he is against “to any type of obligation, taxation and discrimination“. The governor of Liguria and leader of Cambiamo, Giovanni Toti, he appends to the forces explaining that “between closing the country and the vaccination obligation, I believe that no savvy Italian would choose the former“. And then, if the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando he says he is in favor of exploring all solutions in the name of population safety despite the WHO has declared its opposition to the imposition of the vaccine, the Undersecretary of Health remains more cautious Andrea Costa: “The vaccination obligation for all workers is the last hypothesis to consider. “The Italian people are demonstrating a great sense of responsibility, with 36 million vaccinated ours is the second country in the European Union: we must continue to convey a message of confidence towards vaccines, the only way out of the Covid pandemic“.

What the experts say

After a year and a half in which we have heard sometimes diametrically opposed positions, in this case the experts seem to be all rowing on the same side: from Galli (who has nevertheless changed position in recent weeks) to Crisanti at the Scientific Technical Committee, the moderate line prevails. to extend the obligation of vaccination not only for those who work in the school but for all those who “escape” the serum. In an interview with The print, the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri sets a date and a threshold beyond which the vaccination obligation could be triggered. “This is the last call for vaccinations. If by 15 September we have not exceeded the threshold of 80% of the population that started the immunization process, we will have to evaluate the possibility of a form of obligation“. This measure, however, should not apply indiscriminately to all citizens, but”we could only touch the age groups that risk the most. Someone spoke of over 50, but I would go to protect those over 40 “.


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