Zuckerberg’s new plan to get your children hooked on Facebook again

Zuckerberg’s new plan to get your children hooked on Facebook again

2023-09-26 12:51:28

Facebook remains the jewel in Meta’s crown. However, there is no doubt that it has not been an attractive space for young users for years. Now the company led by Mark Zuckerberg wants to change it by exploiting the possibility of generative artificial intelligence. In accordance with ‘The Wall Street Journal‘, the technology company is preparing to incorporate robots with different personalities on all your social media apps. Among them, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The novelty could be announced as soon as this Wednesday, September 27 during the celebration of the annual event Meta Connect. These conversational robots would rely on generative artificial intelligence, similar to that used by ChatGPT, to maintain conversations with users.

According to the American newspaper, Meta workers have been testing and developing the functionality for months. Among the profiles that would be available for users to interact with is, for example, ‘Bob the robot’. For its creation, Meta was inspired by the irreverent and memorable robot Bender from the Futurama series, this would have a “superior intellect, sharp wit and biting sarcasm”, as detailed in the company’s internal documents accessed by the cited medium.

But it doesn’t stop there, the company is working on developing robots with dozens of different personalities. Among them is also Alvin the Alien, a kind of extraterrestrial with a lot of interest in getting to know human beings. In addition, the company would have held conversations with content creators and celebrities, so that they can use their own chatbots in their interaction with followers.

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Artificial intelligence aspires, among many things, to radically transform the way in which users relate. Today there are a good handful of applications available in which users can create their own avatar and have conversations with them. There are even some in which it is possible for the Internet user to develop a romantic relationship with the machine, as is the case with Replika.

Other traditional social networks have already shown interest in adapting artificial intelligence to their platforms and allowing users to chat with machines as friends. That is the case, for example, of Snapchat, which a few months ago launched this possibility by launching the My AI functionality.

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