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2023-12-11 12:16:53

Next December 16th it will be performed at the Alameda Theater (Sevilla), 361º Degreeshand in hand with Transit Project Company. Piece that is part of the programming of the thirty-third cycle of El Teatro y La Escuela.

361º Degrees It is a piece that has been on tour for more than a year through different stages in Andalusia and the rest of Spain, in versions in unconventional spaces and in what is usually called “black box”. Along these lines, we can highlight his time at Circada (Seville), Granada Festival or in this year’s edition of FETEN. And yes, this creation is aimed at all audiences. But like so many times, unfortunately, we have to reassess the audience to seriously consider whether they need to accompany their children, grandchildren, nephews, etc., to attend a play that is announced in this way.

In parallel, I would like to tell you that a few years ago I saw Clara Reina Meneses (author and performer of this work) in La Bicicletería (Seville), and I was surprised at the possibilities that working with hula hoops beyond something that would exude circus-type virtuosity. Because she was capable of generating psychedelic visual effects, to enter an atmosphere where we could only meet a single inhabitant who communicated with whoever came to visit him, interacting with his hula hoops… Where I want to get to, is that until now I have not found the opportunity to learn about how much he has delved into his scenic research and his line of work that integrates what is called the new circus, physical theater and plastic arts.

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In any case, this piece from the Andalusian company Transit Projecthas been directed by Ana Donoso Mora, a professional who has known how to arrange a job that should not go unnoticed. Without further ado, I refer you to the synopsis of 361º Degrees:

When we see a turtle in the clouds, a turtle is a “pareidolia”. A pareidolia is a psychological effect that our mind does to give order to chaos, to give a name and shape to what our brain does not recognize. 361º Degrees, is our own pareidolia of Chaos Theory. An existentialist work that translates into images the need to see the world as a flow of mobile events (memories), with unexpected, dynamic and non-linear leaps. We want to accept that Chaos is the natural state of life.

It looks like a circus, but it’s not entirely. It looks like dance, but it’s not entirely. It looks like an installation, but it is not at all. I think it’s a poem.

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