5th International Airport to be set up in UP: PM Modi to lay foundation stone tomorrow | Noida International Airport

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay the foundation stone for the Noida International Airport in Jawaharlal Nehru City, Gautam Buddha in Uttar Pradesh tomorrow.

This will make Uttar Pradesh the only state in India to have five international airports.

The recently launched Kushinagar Airport is being built in Ayodhya International Airport The new international airports, including, are a testament to the multifaceted growth of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The new Noida Airport will be the second international airport in the Delhi Capital Region. This will help ease the crisis at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Due to its location, it serves the people of cities including Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Aligarh, Agra, Faridabad and adjoining areas.

The first phase of the airport will cost Rs 10,050 crore. The first phase of the airport, to be completed on an area of ​​more than 1,300 hectares, will have the capacity to serve about 1.2 crore passengers a year. It will be completed by 2024. It will be operated by Zurich International Airport, an international contractor. Preliminary work for land acquisition for the first phase and rehabilitation for the affected families has been completed.

The airport will be the freight gateway to northern India. According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the airport will be modified in Uttar Pradesh due to its size and capacity.

It is expected to showcase Uttar Pradesh’s potential to the world and help place the state on the global freight map. It will be the first integrated freight hub in India with the concept of an integrated freight hub with the aim of reducing total cost and freight time.

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The cargo terminal will have a capacity of 20 lakh metric tonnes. It will then be expanded to 80 lakh metric tonnes. The airport will play a vital role in attracting large-scale investment in the region, promoting rapid industrial growth and bringing local products to national and international markets by creating facilities to facilitate the production of industrial products. It will create a lot of new job opportunities as well as a lot of job opportunities.

As the airport will be a hub for land transport, it will also be a multi-modal hub for metro rail, high-speed railway stations, taxis, bus services and private parking. This will enable uninterrupted traffic connectivity to the airport by road, rail and metro. All nearby major roads and highways such as the Yamuna Expressway, the Western Suburban Expressway, the Eastern Suburban Expressway and the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway will be connected to the airport. The Delhi-Varanasi express train will be connected to the airport, which is planned to reduce the travel time between Delhi and the airport to only 21 minutes.

The airport will have state-of-the-art maintenance, repair and overall service. The airport is designed to operate at low cost and with uninterrupted fast transit procedures for passengers.

The airport is set to introduce a new design with the flexibility to operate domestic and international flights from a single location without having to reschedule flights. This will make it easier to turn the aircraft around quickly and efficiently, and ensure that passengers can move around without interruption.

It will be the first airport in India not to emit carbon dioxide. It is noteworthy that the forest park is being created in this landscape using the trees in the area where the project is being implemented.

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Indigenous flora will be protected at the Noida International Airport. Its development will be entirely natural.


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