63 arrests in Marseille; violence breaks out in Lyon, Nantes and Strasbourg

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2023-06-30 23:03:19

A required trial and an indictment in two other cases of “willful violence” committed by the police

The Bobigny prosecution requested, on June 26, a trial against two police officers who had seriously injured a driver and his passenger in Stains (Seine-Saint-Denis), in 2021, after a refusal to comply. .

In its final indictment, which AFP learned on Friday, the prosecution requested a trial for the two civil servants for “willful violence resulting in total incapacity for work for more than eight days, committed by persons vested with public authority. and with the use of their service weapon”.

The two agents, assigned at the time of the facts to the Stains anti-crime brigade (BAC), have been placed under judicial supervision since their indictment at the end of 2022.

In addition, a police officer was indicted on June 6 for “deliberate violence with a weapon resulting in death without the intention of killing it”, after a refusal to comply which resulted in the death of a passenger on a vehicle, in Paris, in June 2022, AFP learned on Friday from a judicial source.

The driver of the vehicle, indicted and still imprisoned, had twice refused to comply during a check of his vehicle in the 18th arrondissement by police officers on mountain bikes, who had fired nine times, injuring the driver and killing the 21-year-old passenger.

Update for June 30 at 10:24 p.m.: correction of the date of the final indictment of the Bobigny prosecution.

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