A businesswoman who declares war on orphans: the surprising casting of Asi Ezer

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Assi Azar He is currently in the midst of casting for his new series “Sweet” which will be broadcast on the zoom channel in Hot. You will surely be surprised to find out who he cast as a supporting actor for the main role, you are none other than his other half, the woman in his life, apart from his mother and daughter, Rotem Sela. Sela is expected to play an evil character for the first time in her career, a businesswoman who declares war on orphaned children of the Tamri family.

Assi Ezer and Rotem Sela (Photo: Rafi Deloya)

Ezer had already cast Sela in his flagship series “To be with her” in the past, which led, among other things, to a wonderful partnership between the parties, but then he was only used on the basis of the creator of the show. This time Ezer will play in his own series in his first acting role.

If you were expecting their shared scenes together? You will be disappointed to find out that this will not happen, and we will settle for their joint leadership in the new season of “Ninja Israel”. Filming for the series will begin this March.

Assi Ezer, Rotem Sela (Photo: Rafi Deloya)

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