A group of Spaniards goes to Paris and can’t believe what they see from their room: “17 euros a night” – Live

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2023-12-10 23:17:38

Leave from journey It is exciting and at the same time it is quite a challenge.. We all like to get out of our comfort zone, spend a few days away from home, disconnect from our daily lives and simply reconnect with ourselves. Let’s be honest, traveling is a pleasure for everyone.

Now, what is undeniable is that doing so It involves creating a puzzle from scratch. You have to choose a destination, places to visit, transportation, itinerary, you have to know where to eat and last but not least, know where to stay.

And this last factor is decisive when traveling, because the truth is that no one wants to leave their home to stay in a place that is uncomfortable, dirty, poorly connected or simply a place where we are not even comfortable. All this, of course, taking into account the price, especially if we want to travel affordably.

This is what happened to this group of Spaniards. We have been able to know him through TikTokwhere one of the protagonists, under the name @faniii_24 on this social networkpublished the surprise they had when they saw the views they had from his hotel room in Paris.

For 17 euros a night

As we have already been saying, one of the protagonists of the story published a video in which they showed the views from her hotel room. “Raise the blinds”says the young man who records the video, while his companions look at him from the window. “17 euros a night”he assures.

The views, of course, are not what anyone expects to see from a hotel room. Its about HotelF1 Paris Porte de Châtillon and from there you can see a huge esplanade with hundreds of tombstones.

In a nutshell, They were next to a huge cemetery, but the feeling it gives is that they are even inside. They, however, took it with humor and couldn’t help but laugh when they saw the scenario with which they would have to wake up the next few days of their trip in the French capital.

The protagonist of the video, on TVE

The impact of this young woman from Malaga’s video has been so great that a few days ago she gave an interview in the program of TVE‘Mañaneros’, presented by Jaime Cantizano. Estefanía assured that the reaction upon seeing the views was what is seen exactly as in the video: “We were recording to show it to our parents. I couldn’t stop laughing,” said the young woman.

He said that it cost them 17 euros a night, but he did not think that that price could entail being next to a Campo Santo: “Normally I am the one who organizes the trips and I always find bargains. I thought it was a bargain”said.

The woman from Malaga said that it could not be seen (nor known) that the hotel was in front of a cemetery: “You couldn’t see it when you arrived because there were walls and the hotel is super modern.” In addition, he assured that they did not look for the name of the cemetery because they did not want “more information.”

Despite everything, he assured that the first night was calm: “We arrived, looked and said: “Good night, neighbors.” We took it with total humor, we had no problems with anyone seeing us,” he assured.

Furthermore, he said that “I would come back a billion times” and I would advocate going to that same hotel: “With how expensive Paris is, I give it a 10.”

“You find death offers, it’s clear”Jaime Cantizano joked.

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