A popular Ramadan drink that helps in losing weight and killing cancerous cells • Al Marsad Newspaper

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Al-Marsad Newspaper: Studies have revealed many benefits of hibiscus drink, as it can help in weight loss, reduce the growth of bacteria and cancer cells, and support heart and liver health.

There are several hundred species of hibiscus, varying depending on the location and climate in which they are grown, but hibiscus ‘subdiriva’ is most commonly used to make hibiscus tea.

Several studies have indicated that hibiscus tea may be associated with weight loss and may help protect against obesity.

In one small 2014 study, 36 overweight participants consumed either hibiscus extract or a placebo.

After 12 weeks, those who took the hibiscus extract had a decrease in body weight, body fat, body mass index, and waist-to-hip ratio.

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