A woman tries to take her buoy on the plane with hand luggage

A woman tries to take her buoy on the plane with hand luggage

Time.news – A woman tried to board on a flight out of Tampa International Airport, Florida with a boa constrictor over a meter hidden in his hand luggage.

This was announced by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), the American agency set up by the Department of Security after 9/11, on its Twitter profile, as revealed by CNN.

The find was reported to the airline which did not allow the woman to “let on board” his snake, 4 feet long (about 1.2 meters). The boa constrictor, originally from Central and South America, it is not a venomous snake but it is very dangerous because it can suffocate its victimseven of large dimensions, enveloping them in its coils.

Cnn recalls in the article dedicated to the snake found in Tampa that the TSA often tells of animals hidden in the suitcases: recently, on Thanksgiving Day, it was the case of a small cat, which appeared to the agents who monitored the contents of the suitcases at New York airport. The holder of the hand luggage that contained it, bound for Orlando, justified himself by saying that the animal had slipped into the suitcase without his knowledge.

Not long after, TSA agents found a small dog stuffed into a carry-on bag at Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin.


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