After the storm and the lawsuit: Rotem Sela’s best friend will replace her in the campaign

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the moderator Rotem Sela who stars for us everywhere, among other things in hosting reality shows in prime time, in the breaks between the shows in the broadcasts of commercials, and in series, will say goodbye to one job and you won’t believe for whose benefit. Sela, who has served for the past seven years as a presenter for the leading air conditioner company “Tornado”, a campaign that, as I remember, was in the headlines about a year ago in a lawsuit against the model, is being replaced by a new presenter.

Not just a presenter, but Naomi Levov Her partner in the series “Baldi Mori” that was broadcast by Biss, as he first reported My age. As you may remember, about a year ago “Tornado” sued Rotem Sela because she forbade her to sign exclusively for the Discount Bank campaign, for which she was chosen to act as a presenter.

Naomi Lavov, Rotem Sela (Photo: Rafi Deloya)

However, the parties reached an agreement between them and the lawsuit was canceled, and it was agreed that Sela will continue to serve as a festival even in 2022, for which she received an amount of approximately NIS 850,000. But now Tornado chooses to end the contract with Sela and signed with the replacement Naomi Levov as the new presenter of the air conditioning network.

Rotem Sela (Photo: Uri Yishai)

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