Alberto Otárola summons Minister Óscar Becerra to the PCM to explain about statements against the IACHR

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2023-04-18 22:06:17

After the unacceptable statements offered the day before by the head of the Education portfolio, Óscar Becerra. where he declares himself in favor of the death penalty and the withdrawal from Peru of “that monstrosity that is the IACHR with pardon of the monstrosities” as he described the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the head of the Council of Ministers stated this Tuesday, after to participate in a meeting with mayors from the Junín region, that the Peruvian government respects international conventions, especially the Pact of San José.

“That is not the position of the Government, the Government respects international agreements, especially the Pact of San José, which was ratified in 1979 by our country and will act accordingly with that agreement,” he said.

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From the exterior of the PCM headquarters, where he left to make statements to the press, the Prime Minister specified that the Minister of Education has already been summoned to a meeting at the Executive headquarters this afternoon at 4:00 pm, with the purpose of explaining this topic.

Likewise, he is summoned to explain the details of what is happening in the National Superintendence of Higher University Education (Sunedu).

At another time, Otárola Peñaranda referred to the request by the metropolitan mayor of Lima, Rafael López Aliaga, who requested the support of the Armed Forces to the PNP to counter the wave of violence and crime that is plaguing the various districts of Lima.

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“This reform will make it possible to have a more professional, trained and close to the citizenry police, with a view to confronting this fight against insecurity. (…) But the important thing is that we are involved in a reform of the Ministry of the Interior and we will be communicating this announcement and others to the country and to the Congress of the Republic”, he pointed out.

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