Alec Baldwin dad for the seventh time, the family expands with a little girl-

from Teresa Cioffi

The actor, who has not yet settled his accounts with justice, celebrates the birth of his daughter

Alec Baldwin became dad for the seventh time. In an interview with People a few months ago, the American actor and his wife Hilaria said:< La nostra capacit di amare continua ad espandersi e non vediamo l’ora di abbracciare il nostro nuovo piccolo questo autunno>>. The long-awaited moment arrived and Ilaria Catalina Irena was born last Thursday, presented to the world through a post on Instagram. The family, already large, grows even more. Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria, yoga instructor, have been married since 2012. One year after the marriage, the first daughter was born, Carmen Gabriela, in 2015 born Rafael, in 2016 the third child arrived, Leonardo Angel Charles, two years after Romeo was born Alejandro David and in 2020 Hilaria gave birth to Eduardo Pao Lucas. More recently, in 2020, Lucia was born and now another child, Ilaria Catalina Irena. For the family it is a moment of joy, although Alec Baldwin has not yet settled the bill with justice.

On October 22, 2021, the actor was on the set of the film Rust, a western turned into reality. Baldwin, in the title role, was wielding a gun while rehearsing a scene. Then a blow and the consequent death of director of photography Halyna Hutchins. The director was also injured. The actor has always stated that he did not touch the gun, yet a month ago the FBI officially denied the actor’s version, pointing out that>. There appears to be no evidence to support the argument that the weapon was intentionally loaded with live bullets, although investigations are still ongoing.

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