Alec Baldwin faces homicide charges

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Nfter the deadly shot of a camerawoman while filming the western “Rust”, Alec Baldwin is now facing charges.

The Santa Fe, New Mexico, County Attorney’s Office is seeking nearly $650,000 to try up to four suspects on one homicide. “Possible defendants include well-known actor Alec Baldwin,” wrote District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies.

The FBI said the gun was unlocked

During a rehearsal scene at the Bonanza Creek film ranch in late October, a shot went off from Baldwin’s revolver. The 42-year-old camerawoman Halyna Hutchins collapsed and was fatally injured. Baldwin, the film’s lead actor and co-producer, later testified that he didn’t pull the trigger.

Investigations by the American Federal Police (FBI), on the other hand, showed a few weeks ago that the 64-year-old Baldwin must have unlocked the gun and also pulled the trigger.

Previously, several members of the crew had leveled allegations against Baldwin and his fellow producers. Allegedly, the safety requirements on the set were disregarded. It remains unclear where the live ammunition, which is prohibited during filming, came from.

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