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All Tilburg residents are sick.
In fact, everyone in the Netherlands is sick, or on the way to becoming one. A lot of people, especially the elderly, are sitting in loneliness thinking about this, but that will not be the case next week. Because from the end of September and in the first week of October we have the Week against Loneliness in our country.

No one will have missed the fact that all Tilburg residents are ill in recent years. Everyone meows once in a while. Not surprising if we take a look at CBS and Rivm figures from a few of our main ailments. That alone produces more than 27 million syndromes for all Dutch adults together. Every Tilburger must therefore have at least 2 ailments among the members.

Just add up:
Depression affects 1 in 5 adults to a greater or lesser extent. In this time of crisis, I fear that will increase. Each year, 130,000 people are diagnosed with cancer, currently nearly 800,000 patients are registered with that disease. Cardiovascular disease: 1.5 million cases and of them die every year
18,000 from their condition. Then, in Tilburg more often than in other parts of our country, we will have 1.2 million people with a lung disease. Of those patients, 23,000 die every year.

Dementia is on the rise, recent counts showed that we have 290,000 people with this degenerative disease and increasingly at a younger age. Parkinson’s (60,000) and osteoporosis, or bone loss, are also on the rise. It is therefore not surprising that 500 people break their bones every day, a total of 175,000 bone fractures in the Netherlands per year.

We are not talking about flu and Covid or related phenomena for a while.
However, you can get eye and hearing damage as a result, but we were already aware of those defects. Among all Dutch people together are 1.2 million compatriots with eye problems and a growing number with hearing damage, already 1.5 million people. Whether this is caused by some people because they no longer want to listen to the unheard of bad plans of the Rutte cabinet has not been investigated. Women may also have headaches more often than men: 130,000 compared to 30,000 migraine cases. And that’s not going to bother us. We brace ourselves because of the many looming crises.

We see this in the number of increasing complaints about our muscles and bones: 1.4 million natives have osteoarthritis, 2 million Dutch people walk around with rheumatic complaints, and a quarter of the population sometimes suffers from back problems. 2.4 million people are said to have nonspecific low back pain.

Then you start taking one pill after another. Not always smart, of course to take too many medicines. That results in 50,000 hospitalizations per year and 1000 deaths. Or we get stomach, intestinal and liver complaints: costs 3.7 billion euros to be able to treat this in a quarter of all Dutch people. So health insurance premiums go up. Can still get to it.

All those sick people around you, that naturally gets on our nerves, especially if everyone is meowing about it. Colleagues stay at home with an RSI wrist or a sore back. As a result, we ourselves get stressed again. Health insurers estimate that 9 out of 10 employees sometimes experience stress and 1.3 million Dutch people regularly struggle with burnout.

As a result, our hair falls out, which is unfortunately partly genetically determined in men, we would think that this happens less often among women, but today 4 out of 10 women say they fear that they will become bald. Grinding your teeth is bad, but don’t do it, is the advice, after all, bad teeth lead to even worse health. Almost 1 in 5 adults already have dentures.

And if we want a nice hug in the evening after hearing all the misery around us… Some even reject that for various medical reasons: more than 1.5 million men have problems in the erotic field and a multiple among the female population knows vaginal symptoms.

With all this misery, some parents can add the educational problems: 13 percent of our young people are classified as problem cases, from autistic to ADHD and PDD NOS: we quickly reach about 200,000 young people with behavioral disorders. No wonder that a quarter of the population sometimes lies awake and cannot fall asleep.

You could almost drink it. More and more people are doing that, if they can afford it. We have 1.3 million heavy drinkers in our country and the professional groups with the highest incomes are overrepresented in this group. However, this does not apply to the number of deaths due to alcohol abuse: among the 5000 annual deaths, people with so-called ‘multi-problems’ are often the victims. In Tilburg, take a walk along the Wilhelmina Canal, or the underpasses of the railway. Or take a look at the pop-up tents under the viaducts of the A58, if you want to see the multi-problems.

However, many Tilburg residents eat their problems away if they do not want to reach for the bottle. More and more Dutch people are taking this dead-end road with them: in our country, half the population is overweight, and 15 percent has been diagnosed with severe obesity. Being overweight also increases the risk of diabetes. Already a problem for 1.2 million Dutch people.

Let’s meow no further.
A quarter of our fellow citizens of Tilburg find themselves in a cold house between all these miserable illness stories, just for the weeping tube and receive far too few visitors. It is certain that 15,000 families in Tilburg have structurally too little money to make ends meet, that number is currently growing rapidly due to inflation. Partly as a result of this, their health is therefore really and acutely threatened. Nobody in our city council needs CBS statistics for that.

Among the poor in Tilburg are a large number of lonely elderly people and other citizens who do not have the money to go out and have fun. Perhaps it would be a good idea for other fellow citizens in the near future, not just during the Week against Loneliness, to pop into such a person’s house, visit them and take something tasty with them.

There may also be three vaccination calls on the table during the Week against Loneliness: one to visit the doctor for a pneumococcal injection, a second for the flu shot and a third for a Covid booster.

They would one day get sick during the crisis!


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