“Amadeus will do it and if they ask him, he can play the sixth”

“Amadeus will do it and if they ask him, he can play the sixth”

2023-05-27 20:03:54

“But do you think a world is real in which Amadeus says ‘you know, I don’t know if I’ll do Sanremo?’ Are you kidding?“. Fiorello, live on TV Talk, denied the ‘bowler hat’ he had launched during his broadcast ‘VivaRai2!’ instilling the doubt that Amadeus did not want to lead the next edition of the Sanremo festival, and which unleashed the delirium on social media and in the media. The showman in fact reveals that it was a joke on Amadeus, and says: “I know that Ama don’t watch VivaRai2! on Friday morning. So, since I like to play tricks on him, my mind decided to do it”.

As soon as he woke up, the conductor and artistic director of Sanremo immediately called Fiorello: “He told me: ‘Ciuri, I have 60 messages, but what did you say?“, reveals Fiorello. “I knew that the press office, the mayor of Sanremo, the CEO Roberto Sergio would have called him”. So, no alarm. Indeed: “He does it, he does it, and I’ll tell you more. .. if they ask him, he can do the sixth!” Fiorello concludes to the laughter of the audience.

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