Apple closes loophole for Beeper Mini, putting a stop to iMessage on Android

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Apple Shuts Down Beeper Mini, Bringing iMessage to Android

Apple has reportedly put a stop to Beeper Mini, an app that allowed Android users to send iMessages using the blue bubble format typically reserved for iPhone users. Users of the Beeper Mini app began experiencing issues earlier today, with error messages indicating a failed lookup on the server.

Beeper, the company behind the app, took to Twitter to address the problem, stating that they are investigating the issue. However, Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky told TechCrunch that “all data” suggests that Apple has managed to close the loophole that Beeper Mini was using to access iMessage.

The app, which was introduced on Tuesday, utilized reverse engineered iMessage protocols and encryption to take advantage of Apple’s iMessage servers and allow Android users to send blue bubble iMessages to iPhone users. The functionality of the app included features such as read receipts, typing indicators, and reactions.

One of the key differences between Beeper Mini and other iMessage on Android apps was the fact that it did not require users to have an Apple ID, making it more accessible to Android users. However, the way Beeper Mini functioned was thoroughly explained in a blog post, giving Apple insight into its operations.

The app’s reliance on reverse engineering from security researcher jjtech also likely contributed to Apple’s ability to shut it down. This methodology was outlined and shared as a proof-of-concept iMessage implementation on Github.

Beeper CEO Eric Migicovsky told TechCrunch that the company will “evaluate options” to determine the future of the app following Apple’s actions. It remains to be seen whether Beeper will be able to find a way to overcome the obstacles put in place by Apple and once again bring iMessage functionality to Android devices.

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