Artificial intelligence is used by 60% of large and medium-sized companies

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is actively used by 12% and tested by 48% of large and medium-sized companies worldwide. This is stated in the Dentons study, published on January 11. The data was obtained from an online survey in September 2021. 209 business representatives, including those from Russia, participated in it.

Respondents reported using AI in customer relationship systems, process administration, and sales. But only 19% of companies have a ready-made strategy or roadmap for the development of AI in their organization.

Survey participants also pointed to AI issues that pose risks to businesses. The biggest concern was the high cost of AI systems, reported by 83% of respondents. Also, survey participants expressed concern about the protection of personal data (81%), the level of control over the decision-making process by the AI ​​system on the part of a person (81%), the uncertainty about who is responsible for the actions or errors of AI (80%), distrust of AI and others. problems.


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