at least 36 dead, dozens injured-

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A scary train accident in Taiwan it caused dozens of deaths. According to the latest police update, at least 36 people have lost their lives. But the balance could be worse perch there are dozens of injured. About 60 people have already been pulled out of the first carriages and transferred to the hospital. The incident occurred around 9:30 am (in the middle of the Italian night) north of the coastal city of Hualien. The train, consisting of eight carriages, was heading from Taipei to the city of Taitung, in the southeastern part of the island and was overcrowded, at least 350 passengers on board: derailed inside a tunnel, got off the tracks and some carriages crashed into the wall.

Crash into another vehicle

The accident was allegedly caused by a vehicle employed at a nearby construction site that was not parked properly on a nearby slope. The incident coincides with the start of a long holiday weekend on the island, the tomb cleaning party. (Ching Ming Festival), where many people travel. The Eastern Taiwan Railway Line is also a tourist attraction because it runs along the less inhabited and more spectacular coast of the island: a route that winds through tunnels and bridges between spectacular mountains and gorges and then descends to the Huadong Valley. a few days ago (March 26) another railway accident which caused 30 deaths in Egypt.

April 2, 2021 (change April 2, 2021 | 08:22)

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