Atlas Holding Specializing in Genetic Tests Enters the Japanese Market

The biomedical holding Atlas created a subsidiary Atlas Japan GK and opened an office in Japan, starting to sell two products there in 2021: genetic tests and microbiota tests to study the bacterial composition of the intestinal environment, its founder and CEO Sergey Musienko told Vedomosti . Information about this is also contained on the website of the Japanese division of the group. Musienko estimates investments in the launch of the project at $ 500,000, these are Atlas’ own funds. They went to register a legal entity in the country, hire staff, build operational processes and marketing.

Musienko explains the choice of Japan by the fact that the market in this region is growing rapidly and local authorities and insurance companies are encouraging the trend towards preventive medicine and prolonging the period of active longevity among the population. In this country, there is even a system of bonuses for a client passing a certain number of steps and a cashback if, as a result of medical examination, a person’s body mass index has improved. Lifestyle-related illnesses account for about 30% of national medical spending and about 50% of deaths, according to data from the Japan Lifestyle Disease Prevention Association.


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