Attack on temple in Bangladesh capital; Damage to idols: Jewelry robbery

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Dhaka: Attacks on Hindu temples have been on the rise in countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh in recent times. A similar attack took place in Bangladesh the night before yesterday. The Radhakanda Temple is located in the Wari Dhana area of ​​Dhaka, the capital of the country. The night before, more than 150 people from the area, led by Haji Saifullah, came and attacked the temple. In this, the idols in the temple were damaged. Three people were injured in the attack on those who prevented this.

The Hindu American Foundation, which manages the temple, said in a statement: “The mob entered the temple and damaged the idols. Valuable jewelery, items and money in the temple were also looted. Although the police were informed when the attack took place, they did not come and stop the attack, ‘it is alleged. It has also released video footage of the attack. Various Hindu organizations have strongly condemned the attack.

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