AWS CEO Adam Selipsky responds to FTC allegations against Amazon, discusses AI innovation and Amazon’s impact on the U.S. economy on ‘FOX Business Originals,’ expert warns of rising AI voice cloning scams and their impact on cyber security

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AWS CEO Adam Selipsky recently responded to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) allegations against Amazon and discussed AI innovation, and Amazon’s contributions to the U.S. economy in an interview on ‘FOX Business Originals.’

However, as artificial intelligence continues to advance, bad actors are taking advantage of the technology to create more realistic scams. Kevin Gosschalk, CEO of cybersecurity company Arkose Labs, told FOX Business how scammers are using AI to infiltrate dating apps and create fake relationships in order to trick victims into sending money.

Gosschalk explained that scammers are now utilizing AI to create bots at scale and chat with victims in a completely authentic way, making it more difficult for individuals to detect when they are being scammed. He emphasized that this trend is emotionally devastating for victims, as they may become comfortable sending money when they feel deeply connected to the person they believe they are in a relationship with.

In addition to fake relationships, Gosschalk also warned about how phishing scams have become more realistic with the use of generative AI. Scammers are now able to create better-looking messages with perfect grammar, making it more difficult for individuals to discern when a message is fake.

Furthermore, unethical sellers are using AI to generate large volumes of more realistic, hard-to-detect reviews to deceive consumers and boost their reputation and sales. There have also been instances of fake, AI-generated product listings on e-commerce marketplaces.

Gosschalk highlighted that scammers have also been using AI to create deep fakes from consumers’ voices recorded from sources like YouTube videos. He added that companies are now concerned about the possibility of scammers leveraging CEOs’ voices to social engineer employees.

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Looking ahead, Arkose Labs projected that bad actors will attempt to leverage AI technology to run sophisticated influence campaigns and propagate misinformation as the technology becomes more accessible and affordable. Gosschalk stated that the costs to compute AI are expected to fall, making 2024 the year of AI-generated scams at scale.

As technology continues to evolve, companies and individuals will need to remain vigilant and stay informed about the potential risks associated with AI-driven scams.

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