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Will it still be heavenly here?

The third season of the RTL dome show “Bachelor in Paradise” started on TV on Sunday evening. A total of 27 candidates, some of whom are known from various rose awards, are courting again for great love luck.

Even at the beginning it became clear: Two of the singles had already come closer to each other in the past. But the story didn’t end well at the time.

Photo: TVNOW

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Sexy in a crochet bikini: beautiful KarinaPhoto: TVNOW

She also wants to know again: Karina (25) flirted unsuccessfully for the heart of “Bachelor” Niko Griesert (31) at the beginning of the year.

The Lüneburg native has the script for going to her wedding day with her future husband exactly in her head: “I already have the idea of ​​where I want to get married and which pastor dares me, which songs will be played, what I’ll be wearing, what my partner is wearing.”

For them, however, “Bachelor in Paradise” began with an uncomfortable déjà-vu. When “Bachelorette” participant Moritz (32) appeared on the scene, Karina’s facial features slipped. The Darmstadt native once flashed from rose lady Melissa Damilia (26), but was all the more successful with Karina. She put it this way: “You got to know each other. We wrote to each other. And then you saw each other two or three times. “

War Lockenkopf Moritz immer ehrlich zu Karina?Photo: TVNOW

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Was Curly Head Moritz always honest with Karina?Photo: TVNOW

However, that was probably only half the story. Because the greeting of the two was noticeably hypothermic. The others noticed that too. Immediately they whispered. Moritz wanted to create clear relationships and told his ex-acquaintance at the bar: “I think we’re cool with each other, everything is easy. But I don’t think anything’s going to happen. ”So much honesty didn’t go down well with the brunette. “That was hard. What an A…! ”She railed in the consulting room.

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During the crisis discussion, the duo rewarmed the old story. He wanted to make her believe: “I always meant it.” But she could only laugh about that. In fact, the curly hair had run away relatively quickly after a night together, but asserted: “I never thought: ‘I reached my goal. Ciao! ‘“The chemistry just wasn’t right anymore.

Nutze die Gunst der Stunde, um Zeit mit Karina zu verbringen: Kandidat BrianPhoto: TVNOW

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Take advantage of the hour to spend time with Karina: Candidate BrianPhoto: TVNOW

Karina can’t quite forgive him for leaving until today. She preferred to spend her first single date in the dome show with candidate Brian (30). At least he seems to be genuinely interested.


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