Black Friday laptop: good notebooks for low prices

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Ganz Germany is in the bargain fever on Black Friday. And until Cyber ​​Monday there will be a few more offers: From clothing to household appliances to travel, all conceivable products have been greatly reduced.

Electronic devices such as laptops are particularly popular. Here you can find out which devices you can save on and what you should pay attention to when buying. How to find the laptop that really suits you.

Laptops on Black Friday: Offers that are already valid

from Apple and Samsung:

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Also products from manufacturers such as Asus or Lenovo are already clearly reduced:

Black Friday: Ultrabooks – Lightweight and Affordable

Also for Ultrabooks, Phablets and Gaming-Laptops there are already some real bargain offers before November 26th.

PC monitors: these bargains are available for Black Friday

Particularly light and thin laptops that are equipped with an Intel processor are called Ultrabooks designated. They have a long battery life and a strong work performance. It is also practical that you can easily switch from standby to active mode with ultrabooks.

Some models are so-called Phablets. Thanks to the removable keyboard, these can be used as both a tablet and a notebook.

Of course, the price is also a decisive factor when buying a laptop. Very cheap notebooks with rather low performance are available for less than 200 euros. However, the user then has to cut back on processor performance and graphics.

When buying a cheap model, you should always make sure that the device has a random access memory of at least 4 gigabytes. Otherwise it will be difficult to use applications. There are hardly any upper price limits when buying a laptop.

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Gaming-Notebooks For example, they have to be equipped with a strong processor, a good graphics card and a lot of memory for a smooth gaming experience. Of course, this has its price: Such notebooks often cost several thousand euros.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday has been a permanent fixture in the United States for several years. Millions of Americans storm the shopping malls every year, hoping to get the best bargains of the year.

In Germany, Apple released its Black Friday offers for German customers for the first time in 2006. Since then, the day has firmly established itself in the calendar of German retailers.

On November 26th, 2021 the time has come again: Many retailers such as Amazon, Media Markt or Ebay entice customers with discounts and special offers. The shopping event marks the start of the Christmas business and will be expanded to include a whole week of discounts. The shopping spectacle begins in the week before Black Friday with Cyber ​​Week and ends on Monday, Cyber ​​Monday.

Black Friday: Laptop Sizes – Choice of Purpose

To start with, you should decide what size your future laptop should be. Especially small notebooks are useful for traveling and working on the go, for example. They fit well in your pocket and are not too heavy to carry.

Experts recommend choosing a size of at least 13 inches for laptops to protect your eyes and nerves. However, if you often work for many hours at a time or use complex video or photo programs, the device should be a bit larger.

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You can work comfortably on 14- or 15-inch screens over a longer period of time without straining your eyes too much. If you usually only use your laptop in one place, you can think about choosing a large model of up to 17 inches.

Weight is also relevant when choosing a notebook. Particularly light notebooks such as the Mac Book Air from Apple are ideal business laptops for all those who travel a lot for work. On the other hand, if the notebook is often in the same place, it can weigh a little more.

Heavier models are often characterized by a larger screen, a CD drive and multiple connections. The trend, however, is to reduce weight and omit hardware features.

What you should know about Black Friday

In the days around Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, the internet is teeming with promising price promises and purchase requests. As a consumer, however, it is important to carefully scrutinize the offers. There is no guarantee that the desired model will be offered at an absolutely low price on Cyber ​​Monday. Comparison portals such as (like WELT, belongs to Axel Springer SE) help to compare product prices from different providers and to understand price fluctuations.

Vendors often try to persuade customers to buy with the offer periods expiring. Consumer advocates warn against being put under pressure by such tricks. Before making any purchase, ask yourself whether you will really like to use the product or only buy it because of an alleged low price.

It can also be a good tactic to think about what to shop for before the bargain days. Of course, there is no guarantee that the desired product will actually be reduced on Black Friday. However, you can use this tactic to protect yourself from impulsive bad purchases.

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