Bottiglieri in Paestum: “It’s not incompatible with my role”

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twelve o’clock, April 6, 2021 – 7:56 am

The president Scabec in the scientific committee of the site

of Mirella Armiero

The autonomous museums of Campania change structure. While in some important Neapolitan institutions experts such as Tomaso Montanari (scientific committee of the Girolamini) but also journalists such as Alessandro Barbano (in the board of directors of the Royal Palace of Naples) take the field, in others there is still some uncertainty.

In Capodimonte, the scientific committee designated a few months ago recently met for the first time, but there is an insistent rumor about the probable defection of Don Antonio Loffredo, the parish priest of Health who has been involved in social work for years, indicated by the Region, but evidently intending to do not get distracted even for a moment from your field of action.

Meanwhile, in the province of Salerno, also the site of Paestum Velia, managed ad interim by Gabriel Zuchtriegel, appointed superdirector in Pompeii, has a new scientific committee: the members are the president of the national association of archaeologists Salvio Barrano; the former magistrate and university professor Sergio Perongini; the historian of architecture Fabio Mangone and Antonio Bottiglieri, president of Scabec, the in-house company of the Campania Region that deals with the enhancement of the regional cultural heritage. Is there a clear conflict of interest for the latter member? Bottiglieri assures no, because he himself, having had the doubt, had submitted the question to the Ministry of Cultural Heritage which appointed him, on the recommendation of the Region. “They told me there was absolutely no problem,” he explains.

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“After all, the position on the committee, naturally without any remuneration, is a scientific consultancy, it serves to make a contribution for the protection and enhancement of the site, which I know well, in particular Velia, which has its own strong autonomous physiognomy even regardless from Paestum “.

Bottiglieri, however, also has some doubts about the advisability of appointing boards and scientific committees in the presence of directors who enjoy vast autonomy and therefore end up deciding everything on their own. “It is curious that the reform provides for these roles, almost in contradiction with the autonomy of museums. But if it can help, so be it, if the same minister who carried out the reform has foreseen them, then that’s okay. Meanwhile, the committee was formed in January and so far we have not had a single meeting, nor has Zuchtriegel ever called me. It may be that he doesn’t need me at all and then that’s okay. Moreover, today he occupies several roles at the same time, I do not know if he will hold the interim of Paestum Velia, but it is almost unthinkable that a single archaeologist, even if he is the winner of a prestigious competition, can follow everything in the same way. Paestum Velia needs care ».

April 6, 2021 | 07:56

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