C3.AI Analysts Remain Confident Despite Mixed Results – Positive Future Predicted

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2023-12-07 22:20:00
C3.ai, an artificial intelligence software maker, experienced a significant plunge in its stock price, dropping 11% after missing revenue targets and providing a lower-than-expected forecast for the January quarter. The company expects a non-GAAP operating loss for the January quarter, which is higher than analysts’ expectations. Despite this, analysts remain confident in the company’s future, attributing the downturn to necessary investments in application development, model engineering, lead generation, awareness, and customer success.

In its forecast for 2024, C3.ai repeated guidance for revenues but now expects a higher non-GAAP loss from operations, leading to concerns about profitability. However, analysts believe the company is well-positioned to capitalize on the rapidly expanding generative AI market in the long term, despite anticipated short-term challenges.

Despite the negative forecast, analysts at Oppenheimer, Wedbush, and others reiterated their bullish sentiment and buy ratings for C3.ai, albeit with lowered price targets. The company is currently valued at $3 billion, with its stock having jumped significantly in the past year.

While C3.ai faces short-term challenges, its long-term potential in the generative AI market remains a point of optimism for analysts. The company’s recent stock dip is seen as a bump in the road rather than a deterrent to its future success.
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