Call from the climate future

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2023-12-01 21:57:03

The climate summit in the Emirates started with a huge promise of well-being: confidence is the best medicine for the sick planet. A pot of money set up after years of dispute to compensate for climate damage may not solve the climate change crisis, but it certainly stimulates the reward center of thousands of negotiators. The spirit of Paris has awakened again. And the head of the conference, COP28 President Sultan al-Jaber, also sees his careful preparations for this UN meeting, which is groundbreaking not least for his own oil and gas empire, as being rewarded.

The question now is: How far does this seductive optimism carry? The gas and oil producing nations and corporations want to prevent Dubai from deciding on an inevitable rapid phase-out of fossil fuel use. They want to achieve this with another tempting offer: the oil and gas business should continue, only the climate-damaging exhaust gases will be technically disposed of. Cheers to engineering. Which modern state can say no to that? The crux of the promise is that the procedures advertised are imaginary on the necessary scale. In other words: They are unfunded changes to a good climate future.

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