Cashback, instructions for use: the video-guide to refunds

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All the steps to join the program that allows you to have a refund equal to 10% of the expenses made with credit cards, prepaid cards, debit cards or other electronic payment systems – Chiara Severgnini /Courier TV

All you need to know about cashback, the government’s initiative to encourage the use of electronic money instead of cash. Starting with the Christmas one, already operational (albeit with some difficulties) from 8 December, thanks to which it will be possible to accumulate up to 150 euros in reimbursement. How do I join, which apps do I need and how do I get refunds? In the video, we explain in detail all the steps to activate cashback through IO, the public services app (which requires Spid or Cie), and indicate which are the main private alternatives already available. Here you can consult the cashback guide by the Corriere Economia editorial staff, here you will find the explanation of all the steps to use IO and here all the criticalities and most common problems encountered by users in the first days of the program’s launch.


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