The Israeli IncrediBild has doubled its value and is raising $ 400 million

Incredibuild, a company that accelerates software development processes, announced today (Monday) that it has raised $ 35 million. The fundraising was led by the Hiro Capital fund, which specializes in investments in the gaming and meteors fields, and was attended by Insight Partners, the company’s largest investor. IncrediBild is a relatively old company that was […]

Good news for SBI customers- Dinamani

Good news for SBI customers SBI has launched a new service to enable customers to avail banking services on Sundays as well. Customers who have an account with State Bank of India, the country’s leading public sector bank, do not have to go directly to the bank to avail many banking services. You can get […]

Coal: European demand adds tension to the market

Published on : 27/06/2022 – 00:00 Failing to receive Russian gas, several European countries are turning to coal. This demand is fueling the already very high prices. The coal is on an upward slope and should not move from it. Strong Asian demand, especially in India and China, but also in Japan, had already caused […]

Gmail Offline Now you can read reply email without internet here is how

If there is no internet, life will go off and go offline! The reality is that many of us will go ‘offline’ if we run out of daily data on our smartphone or if there is any interruption in the WiFi connection at home or office. Even in such a situation, ie without internet service […]

shield on rents, no clue… The latest indiscretions

PURCHASING POWER LAW. The presentation of the purchasing power bill is approaching, and some revaluations have already been formalized! RSA, rental prices, index point… We take stock. Summary [Mis à jour le 27 juin 2022 à 10h14] The purchasing power bill should be announced on July 6th. Already, certain measures have been formalized by the executive in favor […]

The CGT wants a “blocking” of LNG terminals and gas storage

The CGT is calling for an increase in wages and the revaluation of pensions for employees in the electricity and gas industries. The CGT announced on Monday a “blocking of LNG terminals and underground gas storagethis week, as France tries to establish maximum reserves in the face of the shortage of Russian gas. These blocks […]

Supervisor of Banks: 40,000 people went through a bank in 10 months

Yair Avidan Supervisor of Banks (Photo by Rami Zerniger, vecteezy) It seems that the reform of the transition between banks in a click is a considerable success. The Supervisor of Banks, Yair Avidan, said today that since the reform was launched and the system operated by Masab went live, 60,000 applications for account transfer have […]