Cava de’ Tirreni, comes out of the shower and finds thieves in the house

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2023-12-02 12:05:54

Woman who just got out of the shower scared the thieves away, about to enter his home. The rustling of the water did not allow the lady, who was busy washing herself, to hear the intercom rung by the thieves just before her as proof of the absence or presence of the tenants in her house. The lack of response meant that the three criminals were given the green light to plan the theft. Two of them went up to the third floor of the building via Talamo, just at dusk, and another remained in front of the door to act as a lookout. The two thieves who reached the landing of the house to be burgled began to unhinge the lock of an armored door. An anomalous noise that alerted the lady, wife of a well-known doctor from Cava, who he started shouting until the thieves were put to flight as they rushed down the stairs, where they risked knocking another resident, who was returning home, to the ground. The same lady who had noticed a suspicious individual in front of the door.

Yet another attempted home invasion

Yet another robbery attempt in a week in which there was also a brutal attack against a man who surprised the thieves in the house. It is the sad story of a 48-year-old florist, who was beaten by thieves who he had caught in his house in via Alfonso D’Amico in Santa Lucia, while they were unhinging the safe with a flex to take it away. The man was injured in the head, most likely, with a screwdriver. It was necessary to be transported to Santa Maria Incoronata dell’Olmo, where the emergency room gave him stitches to the wound. A bad episode, on Wednesday evening, when the owner of the house came across two individuals who were working to steal the safe. The thieves attacked the young owner before fleeing.

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Gang hunt

Along the same road and at the same time, four other criminals had sprung into action. Two of them managed to steal valuables from an apartment on the third floor of a building while two others were driven away by the cries of a lady who discovered them in her garden, while she had been absent for about ten minutes. To act on the territory It seems to be the same gang which adopts the same modus operandi. There are similarities with the other three thefts committed a few days earlier Saint martinwhere they managed to take away a safe.

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