Champions League: a Parisian supporter seriously injured by a stab before Milan-PSG

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2023-11-07 12:31:54

A violent brawl took place on the night of Monday to Tuesday in Milan, on the eve of the Champions League match between AC Milan and PSG (Tuesday 9 p.m.). A Parisian fan was “seriously injured” with knives, Milan police confirmed to AFP. This Frenchman, whose name has not been revealed, received “two stab wounds in the leg” and was taken to hospital, police said in a press release. According to Corriere della Serahe is 34 years old and his life is not in danger.

According to the Italian media, a group of Milan supporters attacked Parisian fans shortly after midnight in the Navigli district. “A group of around a hundred Rossoneri supporters, wearing helmets, smoke bombs and their faces covered, attacked the Parisian supporters” who were crowding the bars along these famous Milanese canals, according to Corriere.

According to the Italian daily, there were three injured, including this Parisian supporter who was attacked with a knife and taken to hospital. PSG fans present on site confirm having heard of this fight and a stabbing attack. A brawl which raises concern among some before the kick-off of the meeting this Tuesday evening at San Siro.

The “Corriere della Sera” evokes an “ambush” of a group of Milanese ultras, a “guerrilla” scene, throwing firecrackers and panicked customers on the terrace. Videos on social networks show these stampedes, flying chairs and smoke bombs in the Milanese sky.

The attack comes less than two months after a Newcastle United supporter was stabbed in the same area of ​​the Lombard city before a Champions League match against Milan.

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4,300 Parisian supporters are expected in Milan in the stadium this Tuesday. This is twice as much as during the Parisians’ first trip to the Champions League this season, to Newcastle (4-1 defeat). Parisian fans launched the match against Milan with several hostile chants against the Italians on Friday during the Ligue 1 match against Montpellier (3-0).

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