Chaos in New York by promising two ‘streamers’ free consoles

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2023-08-05 09:28:42

Chaos broke out this Friday in Union Square Park after a crowd – the Police reported in a press conference that some 2,000 people attended – have come to the area attracted by the possibility of receiving video game consoles given away by two famous streamers of USA.

The streamers, Kai Carlo Cenat III, whose YouTube channel has more than 3.6 million followers, and Fanum, had announced that they planned to hand out PlayStation 5 consoles in the park at 4:00 p.m. (local time), as reported by ‘The New York Times’.

Different moments of the AFP event

“Soon, the park and the surrounding streets were filled with people. They were disrupting vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The New York Police responded by calling a mobilization in response to the large crowd. As the crowd grew, so did our mobilization. The crowd was overrun when the influencer finally made it to the park. People in the park began to commit acts of violence against the Police and the public,” New York Police Department Chief Jeffrey Maddrey told CBS.

As the chaos has unfolded, a vehicle in which Cenat is believed to be traveling has been seen attempting to escape, as the crowd has begun to harass him, with some going so far as to grab onto the sides of the vehicle as it accelerated. At least three people have fallen to the ground while speeding away.

Cenat has been arrested and taken into police custody to be questioned around 3:00 p.m. (local time) since he did not have permission for that event, as reported by CBS.

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According to witnesses, at the scene people could be seen throwing water bottles, basketballs, fireworks and even a computer into the streets and a group of young people pushed riot police when they tried to enter to make arrests.

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