charge 1,000 euros per month to the companies that use it

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Elon Musk continues to search for new ways to monetize Twitter. Now the social network is working to start charging $1,000 a month to companies that have a verified account within. The application announced in mid-January a specific subscription for organizations that gave access to the gold badge, with which companies that have an official account in the ‘app’ are distinguished.

The gold insignia is what allows companies to be distinguished from other types of social network profiles, such as government agencies and representatives, who display a gray insignia, and users subscribed to Twitter Blue or previously verified, which have the blue tick.

The company has implemented it automatically in recent weeks as part of the changes introduced in the verification process itself, linked to the Twitter Blue subscription. In the case of companies, it announced the ‘Verification for organizations’ in mid-January, for which it is already looking for the profiles that will be able to participate in early access.

For this test, Twitter is contacting potential participants via email, as shared by the social media consultant and industry analyst Matt Navarra, who has had access to one of these emails, in which the conditions are explained.

Subscribers to the business modality will be able to access the gold badge and an affiliation badge for the linked profiles. It will also increase the reach and distribution of posts with a new feature called Tweet Boosting.

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But ‘Verification for organizations’ has a price: 1,000 dollars per month (about 930 euros to change), and an additional 50 dollars, also per month, for each affiliate account that is added, although it indicates that there is a free month for these secondary accounts.

This information agrees with the information shared this weekend by the specialized media ‘The Information’, the same one that announced that Twitter planned to charge companies $1,000 a month to maintain the gold badge, plus a charge of $50 for each account. affiliate, which cites internal messages from the technology company to which it has had access.

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