ChatGPT Parents Reveal When They Expect AI To Surpass Human Intelligence

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2023-05-30 00:33:04

ChatGPT, that talking machine capable of answering almost any question the user asks, aspires to change the world. And, along the way, to improve its functioning and its capabilities. According to a recent article published by OpenAI, the developer company, systems based on artificial intelligence, like this one, can become more skilled than the great human experts in just a decade.

In other words, according to the prediction of the company that has turned the internet upside down, in 10 years, ChatGPT can diagnose diseases better than any doctor, write novels that are unattainable for the human author, or even create travel plans. could not provide a company dedicated to tourism. The rise of this super artificial intelligence (AI), it is clear, can have its positive points, although as OpenAI acknowledges, it remains to be seen if its development goes well or ends up becoming a risk for society.

“Superintelligence will be more powerful than other technologies humanity has had to deal with in the past. We can have a much more prosperous future; but we have to manage the risk to get there, ”they acknowledge from the company.

In the text, signed by three of the founders of OpenAI, including its executive director Sam Altman, the need to create an international organization similar to the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), which would be in charge of control the development of systems based on artificial intelligence. Altman already pointed out the need for him a few days ago, in the United States Senate before legislators, as well as in Madrid or London, cities that he visited last week.

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AI can help, and a lot, at a social and business level. It is capable of improving the world and greatly increasing user productivity. However, it also threatens to make many jobs obsolete. This has been recognized by OpenAI workers in the past. Added to this problem are others, such as the possibility that solutions such as ChatGPT are used to generate misinformation or are exploited by cybercrime.

The EU is preparing to bring these types of systems under control to limit the risks. Despite the fact that OpenAI requests a regulation of the technology, the company is concerned that future regulations may affect innovation. Altman recently hinted that he would try to comply with Brussels’ demands, but if he found it impossible, ChatGPT could no longer be operational on EU soil.

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