China between myths and realities

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2023-05-02 09:03:50

For at least twenty years, China has been endlessly repeating lies that have ended up being taken, wrongly, for historical truths. It was time to tackle the methodical deconstruction of Chinese discourses that present China, “from the origins”as bearer of a civilizing and universalist mission.

Brilliantly, Victor Louzon, a specialist in this country, has just filled this gap in a scholarly, clear and educational work. As China expands its influence, diplomatic and military, across the globe, it is urgent to read The Great Chinese Story to understand how China justifies this lawless expansionism.

A brilliant deconstruction of Chinese discourses

“We must correctly tell the story of China to the world”, and especially “his major contributions to world civilization said Chinese leader Xi Jinping at the 19th Communist Party Congress in Beijing. Victor Louzon skilfully takes this official statement as the starting point for his systematic deciphering of several great founding myths presented by China as undeniable truths. The result of this methodical deconstruction, based on a great historical knowledge, is purely breathtaking in terms of balance, questions and revelations.

“China has the particularity of being both very present in the media but not well known to the general public”, he says at the end of his book. By addressing the big questions posed by the official narrative of the Chinese Communist Party as “A Chinese universalism? », “Does China have a universal vocation? “, “Did the Silk Road exist?“Why didn’t China conquer the New World?”» or “Has China had colonies? » Victor Louzon analyses, explains, puts into perspective and above all sheds light on the making of a Chinese history which has never ceased to vary according to international contexts.

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“What fortune to predict for him?” »

The author speaks of a ” vague “ permanent, “which is no coincidence”because in his eyes, “it’s less (for China) to offer something rather than something else”, in contrast or opposition to the West. And to ask the ultimate question: What fortune to predict for him? If he defends the idea that this story “Told from a Chinese perspective” will lose its credibility in the West, it will find an echo in many other countries on the planet which will be seduced by China’s desire to “turning the page on Western globalization”.

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