Cofepris asks not to consume products with bee venom

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2023-05-04 23:00:16

  • Cofepris announced that it has not granted sanitary registration to products that contain bee venom (Apitoxin) among their ingredients.
  • This substance is usually used in the so-called apitherapy or apitoxotherapy as an alternative medicine treatment.
  • Its consumption can cause from slight skin reactions to acute anaphylactic symptoms, Guillain-Barré syndrome and irreversible injury to the ulnar nerve.

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) published a statement about the dangers that can be caused by the consumption of venom secreted by bees, also known as Apitoxin. It warns the general population about the use of its use in products of different presentations such as: sublingual solution, injection, creams and ointments.

Until now, this commission has not granted a sanitary registration to any product that contains apitoxin among its ingredients. Therefore, there is no record of the content of the raw materials (ingredients) or its manufacturing process. In addition, there are no studies that support its quality, safety and efficacy.

What is Apitoxin?

Simply put, it is Venom secreted by various species of bees and who usually use it as a means of defense against predators. It is not a simple substance but a relatively complex mixture.

Now the Apitoxin is used in the so-called apitherapy or apitoxotherapy as an alternative medicine treatment. It is thought to work for the symptomatic relief of rheumatism and other joint conditions, although scientific evidence is lacking to date.

Elements to identify the unauthorized product that is marketed in Mexico

Cofepris asks to avoid the consumption of products with bee venom (Apitoxina)

Side effects caused by the consumption of bee venom according to Cofepris

It is important to mention that there are side effects with its administration. Goes from mild skin reactions to severe life-threatening anaphylactic reactions.

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Adverse events include: systemic immunological reactions, local itching or swelling, allergy, pain, skin problems and non-specific reactions, in addition to acute anaphylactic reaction, Guillain-Barré syndrome and irreversible ulnar nerve injury.

Cofepris recommends not acquiring or suggesting the use or consumption of products that contain bee venom (Apitoxin) nor any other that does not conform to current health regulations. Combining such a substance with another medication will be detrimental to your health, as its exact ingredient content and concentration is unknown.

If the aforementioned product is found for sale, it is necessary to file the corresponding health complaint through the official website.

Finally, because these are products that do not comply with current health legislation, they must not be marketed by any means, nor distributed through parcel services, national and/or international courier services. Nor can they be advertised on websites or on social networks of any kind within the national territory. Otherwise, whoever contravenes this provision will be subject to the appropriate administrative sanctions.

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