Daniel Urresti will serve his sentence in the Miguel Castro Castro prison

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The National Penitentiary Institute (INPE) reported that Daniel Urresti, sentenced to 12 years in prison for the murder of journalist Hugo Bustíos, was transferred to the Miguel Castro Castro Penitentiary, where he will serve his sentence.

Urresti Elera, was found guilty of the murder of Bustíos Saavedra in 1988 in Huanta Ayacucho. According to the prosecutor’s thesis, “Captain Arturo” was fully aware that there was an order to assassinate the press man, which is why he commanded the operation as head of the Intelligence and Counterintelligence Section of the Castropampa countersubversive base. .

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The mayor of Lima, Rafael López Aliaga, declared that he is willing to visit his former political rival, whom he always considered his friend, according to what he told the press. “Mr. Urresti has been my friend and he continues to be my friend. I have always considered him a friend. When he attacked me, I would say ‘porky love Urresti’, he said.

It should be noted that his lawyer, Alexander Leiva, announced that he will file an appeal for annulment of the court order.

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