Dante, ‘Inferni in terra’, 40 meters long pictorial work signed Oreste Baldini

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The Museum of Villa Giulia pays homage to the Supreme Poet with ‘Dantenostrum. Inferni in terra ‘, a forty-meter-long pictorial work by Oreste Baldini, created by the artist for the occasion. The event is curated by Maria Paola Guidobaldi. Unique performance in the frame of the ‘Bastabuste’ exhibition by Oreste Baldini in the rooms of the noble floor of Villa Giulia in which the figurative and performing arts will give body to the current Hells that inhabit our planet so as not to forget, to reflect, to choose to change. ‘Dantenostrum. Inferni in terra ‘follows a dual expressive and emotional path, merging the narrative aspect with the imaginative one.

The artist’s drape runs along the halls of the museum, untying its knots in the creation of a deeply current infernal world, made up of modern damned, symbols of new but eternal pain, as eternal is the first canticle that gives title to the performance and inspiration to the content. The mortified nature, the disaffected earth, the abandoned species mate from which we look away. All this explodes in marine and dark tones, with whitish flashes emerging between visible and invisible monsters. To tell the image, in theatrical guise, three great characters, mythical and very human figures that Dante sublimates in his work, the weight of truth and the condemnation to weigh on everyone. A performance where theater and art come together, in an extraordinary homage that will leave the viewer full of charm.

The play by Antonella Giannaccaro is interpreted by Ennio Coltorti, Gabriele Sabatini, Alessia Navarro and with the participation of the actors of the Pathological Theater Fabio Bischetti, Andrea De Dominicis, Carlo Di Bartolomeo, Claudia Terracini, Paolo Vaselli. The music of Riccardo Cimino (Infernalia) is performed live by Cimino and Maestro Thierry Valentini.

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