Depression, anxiety, attention disorders … The worrying rise of self-diagnosis on TikTok among young people

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2023-08-10 12:16:04

In total, the hashtag “ADHD” (for attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity), reaches three billion views on TikTok. New Africa –

INVESTIGATION – Videos dealing with mental health are legion on the Chinese social network, and have millions of views. Sometimes to the detriment of the health of users.

« After watching a few videos, I was convinced that I had attention deficit disorder.“. Ophélie, 26, is still surprised by this observation. The young woman, who has a TikTok account, had never had the impression of having any trouble so far. But on the Chinese social network, she finds herself targeted by publications talking about mental illness. Depression, anxiety, hyperactivity and even, sometimes, schizophrenia… on the platform, videos dealing with this subject are legion. Sometimes, it’s a simple user who testifies to what he lives, others are influencers who improvise specialists in the question.

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